We encounter trouble of Rakuten card unauthorized use! After all credit card was scared ...


The other day, I in my home suddenly got a call from my Rakuten card company. . .

「It was a call that they would like to immediately confirm my use of Rakuten card」

At that time, I was out of home, so I made a call back to Rakuten company...
Rakuten operator said there was evidence that your Rakuten card has been abused ...

「This was the first time since I started using a credit card.」

From Rakuten operator, I was confirmed in amazon on January 16 of this year whether I purchased the same item by both my Rakuten card and my wife family card at the same time.

The purchase history is as follows.
The same item is purchased simultaneously from both my card and my wife family card.

<Trace of Rakuten card abuse>

    Trace of Rakuten card abuse

Of course, neither I nor my wife had any memories we bought. . .
According to the company of Rakuten card company, it was a story that my card No and my wife card No would have been hit by the method of finding out the usable card No by the malicious human. My wife card is a family card, so the number is close, so that this situation might have occurred.

It is natural, but

「With the guarantee of Rakuten card, the amount used fraudulently was not charged.」

We use 2 types of Rakuten card and other credit card. The main card was another credit card, and shopping such as amazon was concentrated on the other credit card. So I was absolutely not shopping at amazon with Rakuten card, so I was immediately judged that it was abused. However, if you use multiple credit cards on a daily basis without rules, it will be difficult to detect such troubles. In the first place, I think that there will be cases where such fraudulent use will not be noticed unless the card company detects it. After all, you will need to check yourself, but if you use a lot of credit cards, it will also take a lot of time to check.

So ...

「You should minimize the number of credit cards you use. . .」

I felt that I was scared to miss the fraud and lose as a result of thinking only to accumulate shopping points




※商品:クレジットカード スキミング (100%)







我が家のインターネット月額料金は1300円台。昔は5000円くらい払っていたと思います。ADSLの価格が下がってきて、キャッシュバックのサー・・・  <続きを読む>



以前の記事『現金高還元率クレジットカードで得するベストカード』でポケットカードのクレジットカードをオススメしました。一律1%割引になるのに加・・・  <続きを読む>



店舗でもネットでも!!期間限定の特別割引!!!!スポーツオーソリティカード(クレジットカード)も持っていれば、あるとき自宅に届く飛び切り嬉し・・・  <続きを読む>

    【必見キャンプ生活】 SPORTSAUTHORITY(スポーツオーソリティ)「特別割引20%OFFハガキ」来た♪


キャンプは楽しい。キャンプ道具を集めて、よりキャンプを充実させることが特に止められない♪キャンプ道具を購入したいという購買意欲を抑えることも・・・  <続きを読む>

    【必見キャンプ生活】 キャンプ生活向けクレジットカード!スポーツオーソリティーカードで安くキャンプ用品購入♪


『物を探してばかりの現代人・・・』・駐車場で自分の車をどこに駐車したっけ?・あれ、鍵はどこのポケットに入れったっけ?・うちの子供のいない!!・・・  <続きを読む>


   ※キーワード:クレジットカード 不正


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